Networking is something we all do naturally and effortlessly without thinking about it. If you move to a new town and need a physician, you start asking neighbours and colleagues for a referral. Business networking can be just as natural and easy. Many professionals are more comfortable with machines and production processes than with people. Successful networking with people is every bit as systematic as networking with machinery or computers.
Whenever you go to any conference, exhibition or a social gathering after attending any networking event; you are left with a pocket full of business cards and you do not know what to do with them. Business cards have no value or a very little value if you do not use them or you know little how to use them. "Mastering the Art of Networking" is an interactive workshop which will work on some basic and simple ideas which help a professional to maximize the initial interaction. An initial and formal introduction is just a point for starting a new professional relationship your follow-up is the key to developing it.

People most likely to benefit:

Networking is a crucial business system You should spend some time thinking about it, working on it and maintaining it. It is a recipe – once you've worked out your recipe, networking becomes easy.

Networking has some principles, This workshop is designed to understand the integrities of networking at all levels in a very interactive way.

Interactivity is key in all training courses of Networking.

Stop cribbing and start networking to attract valuable new business contacts to your firm.

Any of these sound familiar.

Do you want to:

Then this training workshop is the best place for you. Join now to see a change in your carrier & see your growth.


Mohit Kapoor

He has worked mainly in Marketing & PR services department for over 20 years in various organizations. He started his carrier as a supervisor in a process plant and later on moved to sales and marketing management positions for various organizations like Sailor Today, Oil & Maritime & few more. He is a training faculty at iCONEX and has helped companies / people increase their networking skills & confidence.

He has also trained them to be motivated to be a confident individual. Throughout his career he has helped build understanding, through networking, for the executives to analyse where they are currently and where they need to focus to produce better & more consistent performance. He is a team developer & has always worked towards developing and delivering networking effectiveness for strategic growth of the organization.

An Engineer by graduation, he has developed skills in Strategic Marketing Management, PR and Effective Communication through the years working in the industry. He is a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers. He was also the Chief Editor of an international bi-monthly journal "Oil & Maritime" being published from Mumbai. His area of expertise is developing international markets through networking abilities.

Registration Charges (INDIA)

  • 1 - 3 Delegates :- INR 8,500 + tax (per delegate)
  • 4 - 6 Delegates:- INR 7,500 + tax (per delegate)
  • More than 6 Delegates:- INR 7,000 + tax (per delegate)

Registration Charges (UAE)

  • 1 - 3 Delegates :- USD 1000 (per delegate)
  • 4 - 6 Delegates:- USD 900 (per delegate)
  • More than 6 Delegates:- USD 800 (per delegate)