T8C will be a business management consulting firm and will advice to the decision makers on further business strategies & plans. T8C will work together along with PSU's, Private & Public enterprises as well as NGO's in the eight industry sectors to find out best possible opportunities and lookout for challenges faced by them on short term and long term basis, and if possible provide an entire makeover of their organisation.
Each company is unique and has certain dynamics which are much particularized and peerless. Researches have shown that over a period of time working together these companies lose their vision, but as long as the bottom lines are met many companies do not excite upon and as a result in peak challenging times they are not able to sustain and hence go through a break down. T8C has a very personal approach, a team with the best professionals goes through the entire process and makes a customised and unique approach at all levels and aims to instil changes possible to make the company competitive.
T8C has realised meeting with direct clients and understanding markets by presenting themselves in person makes a better understanding of market scenario and T8C promotes various events for their clients.