MICE Industry

We are conducting an in-depth study to derive the industry statistics of MICE Industry as our research subject. With MICE Industry being one of the major contributor to the global economy, we were surprised to witness its remarkable growth over the last five years. This growth has lead to a tremendous rise in the number and size of events happening all across the world. Alongside, there have been upgrades as well as emergence of new, highly equipped exhibition venues and convention centres.
The development in the MICE industry marks Asia Pacific, Middle-East and Africa to be the aggressively growing destinations. However the matter of concern is the growing major imbalance in the proportion of increase in events over venues available for exhibition and conferences. Hence, in order to actualise the facts, We felt the need to record the changes, developments and short-falls of the MICE industry for facilitating better business prospects. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the survey that we are conducting on the global venues for exhibitions and conferences and ask your kind support for the same .
This survey is ‘for’, ‘by’ and ‘of’ the MICE Industry, hence, we request you to co-operate by giving us the required information as per the questionnaire. The information provided is vital and will remain confidential and will add value to the business propositions to the world you belong to.
The following is the link to the survey
T8C MICE Industry survey