Who We Are?

An international strategy and business management consulting firm dedicated to the following eight sectors :-
1. Energy & Marine: The energy industry is the totality of all the industries involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution. The energy industry is a major contributor to the global economy. In particular energy industry comprises:
The Oil & Gas industry
The Electric power industry
The Coal industry
The Nuclear power industry
The Renewable & Sustainable energy industry comprising of hydroelectric, wind & solar power
Similarly, The Marine Industry in the widest terms includes all enterprises engaged in the business of designing, construction, manufacturing, acquiring, operating, supplying marine vessels, shipping lines, marine railways, shipyards, docks, marine freight forwarding services etc
2. Travel & Infrastructure: Tourism is the travel for recreational, leisure & business purposes, often referred to as the MICE Industry. The Infrastructure industry includes construction of building structure, roads, bridges, railways, telecommunications, oil & gas etc. The field of Infrastructure is vast and will be, in fact has been always on priority for the economic growth for any nation.
3. Banking & Finance: The banking industry has always been a dynamic & significant component to individuals as well as corporate and business ventures. The industry cultivates financial relationships with customers of all sizes to supply financial products & services that stimulate economic growth & act as a catalyst to national and global economics. The industry is sensitive to regulatory, technological and economic factors and is largely attributable to these factors.
The financial sector is a vast sector which comprises of the commercial banking industry, investment banks, foreign exchange services, insurance services, the stock market industry are some of the major players.
4. HR & R&D: The Research & Development (R&D) industry improvises the current technologies offered and develops innovations that strengthen the organisation’s position in the market place. With the pace of technology development being relentless, the industry includes many companies that do dedicated R&D businesses that focus on particular fields or areas of work.
The Human Resource industry has become an increasingly important entity to the business world as evaluating human capital has become an accepted concept. HR industry is a billion dollar industry that emerged from management consulting to human resource management tasks and decisions. The core fields of the HR industry are based in Human Capital, Health & Budgets, Mergers & Acquisitions, Communications, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
5. Manufacturing & Marketing: The Manufacturing industry is closely connected with engineering and industrial design. The manufacturing industry plays a vital role in the economy of any nation. It is referred to as the wealth producing sector of any economy.
The Global marketing industry is a fast emerging sector, with the rapid expansion of the social media sphere which has been changing the landscape of the marketing industry.
6. IT & ITeS: Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS) sectors go hand-in-hand in every aspect. Where IT is about the development and use of technology in managing and processing information ITeS is concerned with the outsourcing of these IT produced properties.
7. Agriculture & Environment: The agriculture industry encompasses of farming, landscaping, harvesting, livestock etc. Agriculture industry is always seeking to improve by adopting new technologies like bio-technology to improve the efficiency of various agricultural based operations. Environment & agriculture are highly inter-related to each other. The Environmental stability and positive conditions correspond to agricultural development. Global environmental protection on individual, organisational or governmental levels is a major area of concern and has become challenging due to growing pressures of population, development and technology. Policies and regulations are being sort out and implemented for conserving natural environment by possible degradation reversal.
8. Textiles & Pharma : This sector undertakes and analyses the continued growth of textile industry, by careful market readings and hard facts. The pharmaceutical industry being one of a kind covers the development production and marketing of drugs.